We at NAB Delhi are in constant need of your help. You will also find ample opportunities with us to make a meaningful contribution to the society. Some of the volunteering opportunities are:

You can volunteer your time-

  • Can teach young children
  • Help with subjects like Math's, Science which are not generally taught to the visually impaired
  • Mentor young adults - most visually impaired are in need of career guidance and counselling
  • With your friends consider taking the visually impaired out to malls, movies, parks etc. They rarely get to go to such places
  • Could conduct workshops on communication skills, personality development, table manners, etiquettes ...

What else can you do?....

  • You can help the Digital Library or the Technology Department with your I.T. skills. We will be happy to discuss opportunities
  • And we are in need of your contributions in cash or kind. This organization runs only on the basis of support of people like you. Remember that your contributions also give you income tax exemptions.
  • Please pass on the key takeaways from this visit to your friends and family. This way you will help in creating a more inclusive society.

Please contact us to plan your visit. Our contact information is given below:

National Association for the Blind (NAB)
Sector-5, RK Puram, New Delhi, India

Contact Number: +91 11 26176379, 26175886, 8826260010