nab delhi award for excellence

NAB Delhi Award for Excellence is being instituted in 2016 to honour ex-students and trainees who despite their visual disability have achieved excellence in their chosen fields. Every year NAB Delhi will honour up to four persons with blindness or low vision that have performed remarkably in their chosen field and carved out a place of pride in the society. NAB Delhi believes that these awards will inspire the present student and trainees to perform to their potential and aspire to achieve excellence in whatever they do.

On the other hand these awards will help in building awareness in the society regarding the capabilities of persons with visual impairments. These awards will demonstrate that with the kind of education and training provided by NAB Delhi persons with blindness and low vision can excel in any field and become contributing role model citizens for the country. . NAB Delhi will maintain profiles of these awardees on its website. This collection over a period of time will become a showcase of the impact of NAB Delhi's work and a source of inspiration for many.

The award recipients will be chosen by a committee set up by NAB Delhi Governing Body. The awardees must be those who have received either education or training at National Association for the Blind, Delhi.

The Award will comprise of a memento, a certificate and cash prize.