Braille books and magazines provide a very important means of reading the printed world to the visually impaired. An in-house mini-computerized Braille press has been publishing textbooks and literature of general interest in both English and Hindi since the 1990s. School students send their requests for transcription round the year. Over 300 blind students studying with the support of NAB Integrated system are provided their text books & reference books in Braille free-of-cost. These students belong to low income groups of the society.

NAB Delhi also produces books in Large Print for students with low vision. We strive to provide books in the format most convenient to the readers, be it Braille, Large Print, eBook or Audio Book.

NAB Delhi has also been helping various Government organizations such as Election Commission and Corporates to provide their publications and Business Cards in Braille. Contact us if you have any similar requirements.