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From this page users can download lots of important matterial like tutorials and software, which is divided in headings for easy navigation. Main catagories are given as heading level 2 and downloadable matterial under each catagory is leveled as heading 3. For any queries/suggestions you can mail to helpline@nabdelhi.in


In this section you will find softwares like SAFA (screen reader for indian languages) and Azz CardFile (an organiser software).




From the day of dawn of the computer technology, it has affected the lives of millions of people, including the lives of visually challenged persons. Advances in synthetic speech have lead to the development of screen reader software, which can capture text from the computer and transform it into the audio form, which is then used by the visually impaired persons or person with low vision.

This technology has provided numerous opportunities to the visually impaired persons including the jobs as programmers, call centers, venturing in to new fields such as science & math, and others.

Although screen-reading technology has provided such a power to the visually impaired persons, it has hardly reached to the broader population in India & has remained limited to a small fortunate English-speaking minority. The major issue with this category of assistive technology is that most products are extremely expensive and are beyond the reach of visually impaired persons at least in developing countries.

Media Lab Asia & NAB Delhi have jointly developed the screen reading software named SAFA. This is an open source software & supports many Indian languages. It is being provided free of charge by NAB Delhi. The users have the option of purchasing additional Text ToSpeech softwares for better synthetic voice output from SAFA. SAFA can detect the text language on the fly and calls the relevant TTS for speaking it. So now one can have a multilingual document and read it with SAFA at one go without having to change or install TTS again & again. The latest version of SAFA is supporting following languages.



Download safa version 2.6 visit download safa 2.6



Azz CardFile

Azz Cardfile is simple and powerful, totally customizable organizer software without predefined fields, it can be set to specific use as Address Book & much more.

Download Azz CardFile from the home page of the software at download Azz CardFile



Jaws scripts for tally

Jaws scripts are the files which makes the software accessible. If any software which is not accessible with jaws can be scripted to make it accessible. There are scripts available for various programmes like tally, yahoo messanger etc.

Download Jaws scripts for tally version 7.2



Mobile screen readers

With the advancement in technology, it has become very easy for a visually impaired to handel a mobile without any sited's assistance and a person with no vision also can use all the features of a mobile like others. There are various softwares like Nuance Talks and Mobile Speak which converts the text of a mobile screen into a synthehtic voice, which enables a blind person to send sms, to know the miss calls, and to find out the number of any person stored in his/her mobile.

Download the list of compatible handsets with talks and mobile speak

Download Talks 5.5

Download Mobile speak 5.9

Download list of handsets compatible with Nokia Screen Reader and manuals

Download Nokia Screen Reader and its supported TTS



Computer LearningTutorials

Explore this section to download various tutorials designed by NAB. The main feature of these tutorials is that all are based on screen reader (JAWS) and all functions are explained with the help of keyboard. We are also in the process to upgrade our tutorial from Microsoft Office 2003 to 2007-2010.



General concepts and keyboard orientation



Microsoft Office






Screen Reader



Computer Training Forms



Form for interest free loan

Computer purchase loan scheme initiated with the assistance of the HPS Social welfare Foundation has yielded excellent results. This scheme has added so much meaning to our training efforts since the trained persons have an option to make use of the technology and the skills that they have gained. Trainees are given a loan of up to Rs. 40,000/- for purchasing Laptop/Desktop computer and Rs. 20,000/- for Accessible Tablets/phones. The loan amount is repaid by the beneficiaries in 18/10 equal monthly interest free instalments for Laptop/Desktop and accessible Tablets/phones respectively. In the case of a minor applicant parents can apply for the loan

Download the form for interest free loan