Helpline for the Blind

Helpline service, one of the flagship programmes of the organization, started in collaboration with Essel foundation in 2006. The prime objective of this service is to bring visually challenged person closer to assistive technology. It undertakes a myriad of activities to assist visually challenged to use technology easily and to make it an inveterate part of their lives. Primarily, it resolves assistive technology-based queries received by telephone call or e-mail. The queries are received not only from India but from abroad also. In the era of digital marketing, the department is also using social networking sites like facebook and twitter to reach out to maximum visually impaired persons. It provides updates on the different aspects of technology and other general information that is beneficial to visually impaired persons. This contemporary service also makes the subscribers/ users aware of the job opportunities. Through its services, helpline department embraces different people with different needs in its ambit. It benefits blind persons, persons with low vision and also the organizations that are working with / for visually impaired persons. Also, it extends timely support to a large number of schools and institutions where visually challenged students are pursuing their studies.

Services provided

  • Providing guidance to visually impaired users on assistive technology and also refer them the most suitable IT tools to be used.
  • Troubleshooting problems in respect of assistive technology such as
  • Screen Reading Software
  • Screen Magnification Software
  • Optical Recognition
  • Phone Accessibility
  • Also, desktop applications like MS office
  • Extending support to companies, schools and institutions where visually impaired persons work or study respectively. Helping them in the installation of screen reading software or resolving the queries related to the same
  • Providing support to individuals working as computer trainers
  • Disseminating information about the assistive technology based training courses conducted across the country.
  • Providing information about job opportunities
  • Providing technical support to any other organization which plans to set up computer training centre
  • Propagating "DAISY Standards" and provide technical help in its implementation.
  • Providing consultancy to web developers for improving accessibility of websites


NAB Helpline Mailing list

Helpline sends e-mails to subscribers regarding information about new technologies, jobs opportunities, forthcoming trainings etc. For registration e-mail at, mentioning in the message body "I 'Name' would like to join your mailing group." In case of any clarification/query please call at NAB Helpline from 9.00 AM - 9.00 PM from Monday to Saturday