Braille and Large Print Unit

Braille books and magazines provide a very important means of reading the printed world to the visually impaired. Since we are catering to various regional requirements, this needs to be done in most of the Indian Languages in spite of the predominance of the English Language. An in-house mini-computerized Braille press has been publishing textbooks and literature of general interest in both English and Hindi for over 20 years. School students send their requests for transcription round the year. This mini braille press unit embosses more than 44,000 sheets which gets distributed in more than 1600 volumes every year. Over 300 blind students studying with the support of NAB Integrated system were provided their course & reference books in Braille free-of-cost. These students belong to low income groups of the society. To ensure quality education to these blind students, the Organization provides all necessary books in accessible format such as Braille. The overall emphasis for education of persons with blindness is to promote integrated and inclusive education. In consonance to this approach, NAB Delhi Braille Press supports students with blindness studying in different types of schools such as DAV, Private Schools, Sarvodaya Vidyalayas etc. Different schools prescribe books from different publishers especially in junior classes. NAB Delhi Braille & Large print Unit has taken up this challenge of providing large number of titles in lower volumes to facilitate and support the integrated and inclusive education. In addition to this the braille press unit has extended its work area in various other dimensions, such an initiative is a restaurant menu in braille, made In association with Mirchi Cares (Radio Mirchi) for Chungwa Restaurant