IT & Services

With the advent of Text to Speech Technology computers have become accessible to persons with vision impairment. Here in the Centre, we have computer work stations where blind students undergo training in Windows, Word Processing, Internet, E-mail, Spread-Sheets, etc. With the help of computers with speech synthesizers, students with vision impairment doing higher studies, are becoming independent in all there reading and writing needs. Special classes on computers are also held for blind and low vision students of integrated education programme. The Computer Centre works as collaborators and beta testers for the projects of educational and research institutes engaged in developing hardware and software for blind persons. This is with the aim of making the technology affordable and easily available. We also provide opportunities to blind persons to get hands on experience of latest technology. Computer literacy is giving the blind and low vision person’s new professional opportunities, enhancing their status at their present jobs, and also giving them additional proficiency and confidence at work.

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