1. Name of the Fund :

a) The fund shall be named “Sarojini Trilok Nath National Award Fund:

b) The fund is created with a view to perpetuating the memory of late Smt. Sarojini & Late Shri. Trilok Nath, past President of NAB-Delhi who have rendered great support for the cause of the blind.

2. The objective of the fund: The objective of the fund shall be to give Annual Awards to a best individual/organization working in the field of welfare of the blind persons for his/their outstanding contribution in:

 The field of education, rehabilitation, training or placement of the blind.

 Administration and Management of services to the blind persons.

 Prevention and cure of blindness.

 Other various activities or programmes related to the cause and welfare of the blind.

3. Rules Governing the Award:-

a) Eligibility : Any person or organization in India working for the cause of the blind or the NAB State branches or any volunteer agency or NGO are eligible for consideration of the Award.

b) For the purpose of assessing the outstanding work done till date for the cause of the blind, a person’s/organization shall be considered.

c) For granting this year’s Award, it will be the overall performance for the cause of the blind in above are of the Awardee individual or organization.

4. The SAROJINI-TRILOK NATH-National Award Committee shall give the widest possible publicity by issuing circular news items throughout India and invite proposals for the grant of the award to the deserving applicants.

5. The proposal/nominations called should be sent so as to reach the Hony. General Secretary, National Association for the Blind, Sector-V, R.K. Puram, New Delhi latest by the specified date every year.

6. Consideration of Proposal: Sponsoring authority shall fill up the attached proforma and certify the work of the candidate nominated for the award during the previous year ending 31st March should enclose the documentary evidence.

7. Notwithstanding the receipt or non-receipt of proposal, the Award committee shall have the right to consider granting the award to any individual or organization, working for the cause whose contribution they may be aware of but for whom the formal proposal has not been received.

8. Those once awarded will not be considered again generally. But there is no bar for it while considering for outstanding work/contribution made by the individual/organization by the Award Committee.

9. Number of Award: Every year one Award shall be given to the best selected person /organization on all India basis. The Award Committee shall take steps as it may deem appropriate to verify the particulars furnished by the sponsoring authority or individuals.

10. In the event of there being no suitable candidate for the award in any given year the income for that year shall be added to the Corpus of the fund after deduction of all the normal expenses.

11. The Award will be presented on Birthday of Late Smt. Sarojini Nath, i.e. on 27th September at a function to be held in New Delhi.

12. Award Committee: Award Committee shall consist of President/Hony. Gen. Secretary/Hony. Treasurer -NAB Delhi, and two other members to be nominated by the President NAB-Delhi.

13. Scroll & Award: Award winner shall receive a suitable worded scroll of honour and award of Rs. One lakh by DD/Pay Order.

14. Interpretation Rules :The Award committee interpretation of the rules relating to the award shall be final and binding.

15. Person/Organization selected for the award will receive an intimation well in advance.

16. Final decision about the selection of the Awardee rests with the Award Committee.

17. Nominations for self and staff members/employee of NAB Delhi will not be accepted.