Creating Ringtones from songs using iTune for Windows:


This guide will help you in making your own custom ringtone with the help of I

tunes for your I O S device.

Note: Users should use the latest version of I tunes.

1. Find the song you want to make into a ringtone in your Music tab in iTunes.


2. Right click and select "Get Info". Go to the "Options" tab, tab down to "Start Time" and check it by pressing the space bar. Tab again and specify the Start Time.


usually you start at the beginning of the song, i.e. 0:00, but if the song starts very slow you may want to find a good spot a few seconds from the beginning where you start the ringtone.


tab one more time to go to "Stop Time", check it also and tab to the edit field, specify the Stop Time. This will ensure that iTunes will play the song starting from the specified Start Time to the Stop Time.


Make sure that the stop time doesn't exceed the start time by more than 40 seconds which is the maximum length of a ringtone.


Click OK.


Press enter to play the song, it will only play the part of the song you selected and you can see if it

If it stops in the middle of a note or word you can make it a few seconds shorter to find a better place.


The start time is displayed as 0:00 where the first 0 means 0 minutes, then a ":" and then the 00 after that is for the seconds.


The stop time by default has the ending time of the song



Instead of right clicking on the song you can also use the Windows Application Key which is also the Context menu Key, it's on the right side of the space bar next to the Control key). You can also

use the keyboard shortcut "Control+I" and this should work in Windows XP as well as Windows 7.


3. Right click, press the Context Menu Key or press Control+I when you are on the selected song and select "Create AAC Version from the context menu.


You will immediately here a sound


This will create an AAC version of the song for only the section of the song you specified.


This new short song will appear right below the original song in your list of songs, so you just have to down arrow once to find it.


Press enter to play it .


you can now go back to the original and, in the Options Tab, uncheck the start and stop times so that it will play normally again.




If you don't see a "Create AAC Version option when you right click on the song, go to "Edit", "Preferences" and in the General tab click on Import settings, the shortcut is Alt+O.


Make sure that the AAC encoder settings are selected, if MP3 is selected as the encoder you have to change it to AAC.


4. Select the newly created short AAC version of the song in iTunes and press CTRL+C for "copy". Open your iTunes folder (most likely in "My Music", for Example :in my case it was in ("C:\Users\rajneesh\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music")go to the "iTunes Media" folder.



Press Control+V to paste the song into the folder.


5. Right click on the file and select rename or press the shortcut which is F2. Change the extension for the file which will be .M4A to .M4R. Confirm that you want to rename the file.




If you press F2 and don't see the extention, go to "Tools" and "Folder Option". On the "View Tab" turn off "Hide Extentions for known file types".


You can turn it back on after you are done creating your ringtones.


6. After you have renamed the song with the .M4R extention , press Enter on the song which will start playing your new ringtones in iTunes. This step is important because by playing it, the tone will automatically be added to your Tones library.


Alternative method can also be used which is :

a.      Copy the song with the change m4r extention and paste it into the tones list in itune

b.      . Now Play the song it this way the song will be included in the tones list .

8. Sync your iPhone with iTunes and your new ringtone will be available.




If you have "Sync selected ringtones" turned on, you first have to go to your phone under Devices, tab to the Tones tab, check it and then check the ringtone you created in the list of ringtones before it will sync to your phone.


9. Just rename all your ringtones so that you donít get confuse between the original song and the ringtone.



Enjoy making ringtones!


Made by Rajneesh gosain

National Association For The†† Blind.