Welcome to National Association for the Blind (Delhi State Branch)

India is the home to the maximum number of visually impaired persons. According to World Health Organization, of the 37 million persons who are blind, 15 million are from India.
NAB is a non-profit organization which is working perseveringly since 1979 for visually impaired persons. It is registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860-Registration No. s/10184.

In 2008 the Organization was awarded the prestigious National Award by the Govt. of India for its admirable endeavors.

Since inception its prime objective has been to make visually challenged persons-both children and adults- self-reliant and contributing members of the society.
The Organization lays special emphasis on education and skill development. It aims to send each and every visually challenged child into mainstream school. It highly advocates the concept of integrated education for social fulfillment. It also dreams to embed computer education and assistive technology into the lives of every visually impaired bringing them closer to the world. It ardently focuses on qualitative education and skill development